Thursday, November 19, 2015

International Education Week Series - Friendship

Post + Photo From: Wen Hongyu, Beijing Normal University, Education Major, Fall 2014 Exchange Student

In the short exchange semester I experienced at Hofstra University, what impressed me most was not that this was my first time living abroad for such long time nor the draw of New York City, but the friendship between Professor Maureen Murphy (Professor of Curriculum and Teaching, Director of the Secondary English programs and Co-Director of the undergraduate Irish Studies minor in HCLAS) and myself. Professor Murphy has all of the qualities that a good teacher should have. The photo here was taken along the beach near her home, where she spent the whole day accompanying me on my visit to this beautiful and peaceful neighborhood. This is where she patiently listened to my future plans and helped me work through any confusion I had. I will never forget this special time at Hofstra.

Hofstra交换的一个学期中,让我最难忘的经历既不是第一次长时间居住国外自己生活,也不是大都市纽约的繁华新奇,而是教育学院的Murphy教授对我的照顾。她是一位具有所有我们所能想象的好老师该有的特质的亲切“老太太”(在课上,她经常以”old lady”自称)。照片摄于Murphy教授家边上的海滩,那天她花了一天的时间带我参观了她居住的美丽又宁静的社区,认真听我的倾诉,聊将来、聊生活,很感谢她。我永远记得我们的友谊。

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

International Education Week Series - Gaining Insight

Post + Photos From: Samantha Ashley Spagnoli, Global Studies and Geography Major

This summer, I was lucky to be chosen as one of two students to represent Hofstra at Beijing Normal University’s International Youth Leadership Program. Upon arriving in China, I experienced the biggest culture shock of my life, despite my extensive travel experience. This program proved to be a cultural and social exchange, as well as a learning process. I had an opportunity to meet some amazing people on the trip from China and around the world, as well as visit some of the country’s greatest treasures. I was able to get very close to a small group of people with whom I developed a study project. Bouncing ideas off of one another gave us the best insight into each other’s thought processes and the different ways we approach problems and work toward solutions. To that end, I discovered some of the great complexities behind Chinese thought and culture. These are aspects that no college course could have taught me, but that I was lucky enough to experience firsthand through this program.

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