Monday, May 2, 2016

Get Connected with Hofstra!

Are you connected with Hofstra? Below is a guide that can help you to decide which social media account(s) you should follow. Whether you're thinking about applying, waiting on an admission decision, admitted and awaiting orientation, etc., we've got you covered!

The Office of Undergraduate Admission

It's useful to follow the Office of Undergraduate Admission on social media beyond being admitted because this is where we provide important information and updates regarding events from Fall Open House and Admitted Student Days to Orientation and everything in between. 

Hofstra Pride Guides

If you want to #SeeHofstra from a student's perspective, then Pride Guide social media is for you! Our Pride Guides document the awesome things that go on around campus and provide some really useful information about admission events.   

Hofstra University

Hofstra's flagship social media accounts are your one-stop shop for all things Hofstra University. Here we post everything from events going on around campus to those key moments that make the Hofstra Pride so unique. If you're looking for important updates and information, beautiful photos, interesting facts, engaging videos and funny GIFS, you'll want to follow our main university accounts. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Check out the photos below, as well as these videos to find out #WhyHofstra!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I Got This!

The Class of 2016 is ready! 

Hear from some of our students as they explain their Hofstra journey and how it led them to say "I Got This." 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Share your Hofstra Pride!

Are you one of our newest members of the Pride? If so, you probably want to share your Hofstra Pride with the world, right? First, it's important to note that there are two meanings of the word "Pride..."

Pride: A feeling or emotion. In other words, a sense of pride or the feeling of being proud.

Pride: A group that you identify with. A family. Think of a lion pride.

Now that we've cleared things up, it's time to ROAR WITH PRIDE! Here's a Facebook cover photo that you can use to tell all of your friends that you're our newest member of the Pride.

Happy Facebooking - and welcome to the Pride!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Admitted Student Days

Admission Counselor Andrea Nadler talks about Admitted Student Days in advance of our final one of the semester on Saturday, April 16, 2016!

The best thing about Admitted Student Day is congratulating the students in person and meeting their families (some for the very first time).  This gives us counselors an opportunity to celebrate and catch up with those we have met before and to learn more about their interests, goals and personalities as we work together to determine if Hofstra is right for them.  I love watching these students grow and begin to envision themselves as Hofstra students.   

As students navigate the college selection process, they don’t always get to meet faculty and students with similar interests on a general campus visit.  At an event like Admitted Student Day, we connect the prospective students with faculty and current students who can show them what specific academic and co-curricular opportunities are offered and tailor it to their specific interests and career goals.  Students can also meet potential roommates and start to understand what co-curricular involvement is all about.

The most important thing to know about Admitted Student Day is that this is an interactive event which will allow students and families to customize their day to meet their needs and get their academic, social, financial and all other questions answered.

Parents and students should try to divide and conquer on Admitted Student Day - go to different sessions, meet different people (i.e. parents meet with financial aid advisers while students meet campus leaders) so that they can get the most out of the day.  In addition, they will have more to discuss about on their way home as they begin to prepare to make their firm commitment to enroll.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Counselor Chat: Caitlin Sullivan

Admission Counselor Caitlin Sullivan shares her thoughts on the college search process and her favorite travel moments.

What sets Hofstra apart from other universities?

C: Something that sets Hofstra apart from other Universities is the student body. I have never met a more active group of students on any other campus. It seems each person is involved in one if not five student groups, and some have even started their own student organizations. I think there must be a domino effect on campus.

Can you share a special travel or college fair moment?

C: Every chance I have to connect with prospective students on the road is awesome, but once in a while, when I’m at a college fair far away, maybe in Texas, Chicago or Atlanta, and a student approaches me and says, “are you Cait?” it makes my day! Being able to put a face to a student I have been in contact with is by far the best part of travel. Oh, and also my endless hunt for the country’s best taco.

What are your tips for students beginning the college search process?

C: The best advice I can offer prospective students is to visit the schools they are interested in! On paper you may think a school has all the characteristics you are looking for, but until you step foot on a campus and see how it really feels to be there, you won't know if it’s the right fit or not.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hofstra University Transfer Open House April 1

Tour the campus, meet with faculty, and learn about financial aid opportunities.

The best way to get to know what another college offers is to attend a Transfer Open House.

Hofstra University hosts two such events each year, with its first of 2016 on Friday, April 1, 2016, from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Prospective transfer students will have the opportunity to visit Hofstra’s campus, tour its residence halls, meet with students, administrators and faculty members, consult with advisors, and learn about Hofstra University’s diverse academic programs and extracurricular activities.

Attendees can receive an unofficial credit evaluation  meet with representatives from Hofstra’s Center for University Advising to learn about transfer credits, learn about financial aid opportunities with Student Financial Services, and meet with Student Affairs and Undergraduate Admission staff.

Faculty members from nearly a dozen majors will also be available, among these: journalism, engineering, education, finance, marketing and accounting.

It’s important for students contemplating transferring to Hofstra to remember that this is an unofficial process -  there’s no pressure to make a commitment on the spot. The way to get the most out of   the Transfer Open House experience is to keep an open mind and pay close attention to specific items such as Hofstra’s various degree programs, the many benefits of transferring from nearby community colleges (and related articulation agreements), important facts about the college, and the unique networking, internship, and employment opportunities available because of Hofstra University’s close proximity to New York City

Hofstra’s Transfer Open Houses are low-key and stress-free.  The primary objective is for prospective transfer students to learn about all that the school has to offer, and how Hofstra University can help them achieve their dreams.

Attendees are encouraged to bring family members (as well as their transcripts!).

Hofstra’s next Transfer Open House is scheduled for the fall, so prospective transfer students shouldn’t miss out on this important event, especially if seeking enrollment for the upcoming semester!

Hofstra’s Transfer Open House makes answering the  question of “Should I transfer?” a whole lot easier. Hofstra’s Compatibility Quiz is also a great warm-up to visiting the campus and experiencing Hofstra Pride firsthand!

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